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The American Express Credit Card is often referred to as the AMEX or the AMEX card because it features the most widely known AMEX travel rewards program. The AMEX card offers cardholders the choice between a platinum or gold card and these are the only two types that are issued by AMEX. One of the benefits of the AMEX card is that cardholders have the ability to redeem their points for air travel, accommodation, car rentals, shows, and other attractions located in participating cities around the world. The cards have an average credit card approval rating of about 4.5, making them one of the more preferred credit cards for those that require added security measures.

The AMEX Card allows cardholders to create plans that include travel for pleasure as well as business purposes. They can purchase tickets for popular shows, rent cars, buy merchandise and rental cars at participating venues, and they may even be able to schedule lodging for events and conferences through the American Express Travel Club. Members may also choose to establish direct deposit of their payment into their bank account. This gives members a convenient way to pay for expenses that must be paid for out of pocket.

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The AMEX offers a variety of benefits to cardholders that include the ability to create online accounts, the ability to pay online via the Internet, pay at any time with any major credit card, and the ability to manage several different credit cards all at once. The online account allows cardholders to pay bills and make transactions anytime, all from the comfort of their own home. They can view their transaction history at any time and at any location and see what their credit scores are at any point in time. This makes the AMEX card an attractive option for those that like flexibility and convenience.

The AMEX card allows cardholders to use the prepaid card for balance transfers. Cardholders may also use the credit card to pay bills and make purchases at any time including the day, time or date they set. The AMEX card also allows cardholders to pay for gas at any participating station worldwide. The AMEX card is accepted worldwide and accepts payments by cash, check, debit card, MasterCard, American Express, Visa and many more. Cardholders are given a billing statement at the end of each billing cycle that contains all relevant information about their account.

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American Express uses a two step process for membership selection. At the American Express Web site there is a place where cardholders can search for a card and complete a short application. At this time the company will review the application to determine if the applicant is qualified for membership. At this time the applicant is also asked to decide how much he/she wants to spend each month. After the cardholder has chosen a payment plan and agreed upon a minimum amount to be spent each month the company will process the application.

Cardholders can shop for discounts using special links on the AMEX site. These links will take cardholders to various retail outlets where they can apply for a card or browse through the AMEX offers. AMEX cardholders can also sign up for a new card online by providing their contact information and email address. Once a cardholder has become a member they can access special offers from time to time.

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